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'by changing nothing,
nothing changes'

Holistic Approach

Using a holistic approach, our natural treatment is a gentle, non invasive therapy looking at the whole body and identifying any underlying causes as to why you may not be feeling well. 

Our body has many ways of regulating itself to keep it healthy, but with the increasing numbers of stressors that we are exposed to everyday, our bodies can become overloaded which can lead to illness or chronic conditions. This exposure can include emotional stress, grief, trauma and physical stressors such as food intolerances, bacteria, chemicals, metals, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides, etc.

Imagine the body is an empty cup at birth. Every time you are exposed to a stressor, a little more is added to that cup. If the number of stressors we are exposed to remains low, the regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can prevent the cup from overflowing by processing and eliminating these stressors.  The size of the cup differs from person to person and represents an individual’s constitution. However, when the body is exposed to too many of these stressors at once, the cup overflows, and can cause dysfunction and disturbance of the body systems. This concept is known as Total Body Load. Balancing these disturbances enables our bodies to self regulate and heal. It’s important to note that individual results do vary, depending on the emotional and physical stress load the body is under.

treatment goals

Our holistic therapy treatment involves:

  • Clearing blockages in the body to enable flow of energy

  • Reducing the load of stressors that can overwhelm and damage the body from our environment and food sensitivities

  • Supporting the bodys immune system

  • Support and balance emotional well being

  • Supporting the organs and meridians in the body

how we'll get there

  • Treatment sessions will involve understanding what your body needs, and then help it through the process of healing and restoring balance. 

  • This energetic therapy helps to restore the communication between the cells thereby allowing the body to work more efficiently and heal itself.

  • I support my clients alongside the recommendations from their medical practitioners and specialists.

  •  This complementary therapy is customised to each individual, as each person is unique.

Appointments are 60 minutes for adults and child appointments are 30 minutes. You will receive a form to fill out prior to your initial appointment. We'll discuss your health history, clear any blockages and begin testing. The follow up appointments will continue to address the issues identified from the initial appointment. I also offer treatment to pets via remote sessions. For more information please call to discuss. 

Appointments are available Saturday at Norton Summit. To book please call/text 0403 306 044 or easily schedule an appointment online. 


Holistic Therapy 
60 minutes | $100


Holistic Therapy 0 - 12 years | 30 minutes | $65


Remote Holistic Therapy | 30 minutes | $65

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