Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Holistic Therapy treatment? 

During treatment the client sits in a relaxed position.  You will be asked to provide a small amount of bodily fluid (usually saliva),  so we can use your bodies’ information to assist therapy.


Does Holistic Therapy hurt?  

Not at all. It is a gentle, non invasive therapy. It looks to be a very benign treatment, even though your body is working hard.


Can you treat children?  

Absolutely!  In fact, children respond very well and generally quicker than adults, as their toxic load is much less due to their years and exposure to stressors on their bodies.


How many treatments will I need?  

It varies, depending on the number of stressors identified within your body.  Children typically respond much quicker than adults and may need 4-6 treatments.  Adults can take longer, averaging between 6-8 sessions.  The first appointment is when all of the testing is done, enabling a better indication of how much treatment is required.


Can I claim my appointment  on my private health fund?  

Unfortunately private health cover is not available with these services. Payments can be made via cash or EFTPOS.


How much does a session cost and how long do sessions go for? 

All 1 hour appointments are $95 and 30 minute appointments are $60. 


Is there anything I should do before a session? 

It is recommended to reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake on the day of treatment and increase your water intake on the day and after your treatment.


Can everyone be treated with holistic therapy? 

It is not recommended for women during their first trimester of pregnancy and specific care must be taken with individuals with metal implants or pacemakers fitted.

What days are available to book? 

Currently bookings are available on Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, and Saturday 10am - 2pm