Discover underlying causes and find your healthy balance


A natural approach to restored
health & wellbeing

Using energetic frequencies to help realign and rebalance the body, this holistic therapy looks at the underlying causes and helps the body to off-load the stressors causing imbalances so the body can work optimally again, achieving long term wellness.


all about balance

Throughout our life we are exposed to different stressors that can upset our body’s fine balance. When the body is overloaded with multiple stressors it can be hard for our bodies to regain its equilibrium, which may result in a person becoming ill. This is where holistic therapy at our clinic can help to off-load these stressors, so your body can work optimally again.


healthier and happier

As a Bioresonance Practitioner, I work with my clients to help them discover the underlying causes to why they may not be feeling well, rather than focusing solely on the symptoms. I am passionate in helping people feel better both physically and emotionally, discover underlying causes to health issues, exploring what the body needs to thrive & find a healthy balance.